Best Movie Deal

Best Movie Deal

We believe that going to a movie should be a fun, weekly activity to be enjoyed with your friends, or the whole family; not a once a year event. That’s why we came up with the Best Movie Deal. With this deal, everyone gets something! No more having to sneak goodies in because you’ve just spent a month’s worth of your entertainment budget just to walk in the door, only to find you’d need to tap into the next month’s allowance just to get popcorn and soda!  Not to mention that usually you’re on your own; nobody there to hold the door for you, to meet your needs and take a genuine interest in your experience in their theatre.

At Eisentraut Theatres, you’ll pay less for a ticket to a movie, popcorn, and a soda than you would for admission only at most other theatres...and you’ll feel like invited guests.  So go ahead; compare. We’re sure you’ll find that we have the best deal around!

                                                                      Why go anywhere else?

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